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    Microprocessor knee NE-Z4

    In pursuit of the world’s safest knee

    The world’s first 4-Bar Hydraulic microprocessor stance and swing phase controlled knee. Nabtesco, leaders in microprocessor knee technology, have once again driven innovation forward with new design. We are in pursuit of the world’s safest knee. The unique concept boasts a dual safety system based on inherent polycentric stability factors and microprocessor control. The ALLUX knee heightens safety and security while providing exceptional functionality of the user.

  • Proteor

    Microprocessor knee Quattro

    At PROTEOR, we strive to advance Microprocessor Knee (MPK) technology and develop a knee that will exceed your expectations. The PROTEOR QUATTRO Microprocessor Knee has been thoughtfully designed and developed with safety, customization and adaptation in mind. Our goal is to empower you to live with fewer obstacles and with more freedom.

  • Proteor

    Freedom Shockwave

    The Freedom ShockWave™ vertical shock-absorbing prosthetic foot includes a unique Spherical Shock Absorber (SSU) that works in harmony with the existing features of the classic Freedom prosthetic foot design and proprietary EnduraCore® technology.

  • Proteor

    Rush Rampage

    The RUSH RAMPAGE® prosthesis is already a reality. We've taken the smooth rolling, increased comfort and all-terrain capability of its predecessors and created a new, more cosmetic-friendly option with less overall weight.
    RUSH RAMPAGE® is the perfect solution for those looking for a combination of both cosmetic and high-performance features that can only be found only in the RUSH Foot® collection. Are you ready for RAMPAGE?

  • Nabtesco

    NK6+L Symphony Knee with Lock

    This new knee joint has a stance-flexion feature that, while allowing a slight amount of flexion, instantly locks to prevent sudden buckling of the knee, it also has a hydraulic system that eases the initiating swing. This knee is named Symphony. The knee joint seamlessly orchestrates theharmonizes stability of the stance phase and smoothness of the swing phase.

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Company Nertus – is a young and promising company, established in 2013, which supplies rehabilitation funds, high-quality components and materials for the production of prostheses and orthoses of upper and lower limbs, orthopedic shoes and insoles.

Our main aim is to introduce innovative technologies in the areas of prosthetics and orthotics in the Ukrainian market and providing prosthetic and orthopedic enterprises with modern high-class materials and components, to enhance the level of prosthetics in Ukraine.

We cooperate with all government orthopedic enterprises of Ukraine and private orthopedic companies, making sure that new developments in this area are made available to everyone who needs it.

Nertus is the only one in Ukraine, the exclusive distributor of such companies as Freedom Innovations (development and production of carboxylic stop), Nabtesco (Manufacturer of modern knee nodes), Becker (A leading manufacturer of products orthesis), each of which is a world leader in its industry. We provide delivery to Ukraine of components for artificial limbs from Japan, Turkey, the United States and other countries.


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  • High level of service.
  • High level of service.

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