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NE-Z4 ALLUX microprocessor elbow assembly




No more computer and/or remote control needed! A certified prosthetist can quickly and easily program and configure the ALLUX 2 knee assembly from a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone.

The patient can also easily switch modes and check the battery level using their smartphone.


The use of new needle bearings ensures smooth running and increased durability, as well as increasing the waterproof rating of the ALLUX 2.



With a new maximum bending angle of 180 degrees (up from 155 degrees), ALLUX 2 offers a greater range of motion than any other microprocessor knee on the market today.

  • The 4-link design of ALLUX 2 is often referred to as the "natural knee" because its movements are very similar to those of the human knee. The 4-link design provides a smooth transition to the limb transfer phase, and the increased distance between the finger and the surface helps reduce the risk of falling.

  • The ALLUX 2's full-phase microprocessor-based control automatically adapts during both the limb support and transfer phases, ensuring recovery from a stumble even in a bent position. Traditional mechanical hydraulic controls limit knee movement by providing constant resistance. The microprocessor-controlled hydraulic cylinder provides the ideal resistance depending on the gait speed. This allows the patient to focus on their surroundings and activities rather than on their prosthesis, thereby increasing flexibility in everyday life.


The world's first full-phase, 4-link microprocessor-controlled (MPK) elbow design
Increased safety for tripping recovery ALLUX 2 constantly monitors the position and movement of the knee and reacts to abnormal situations.

For example, if the prosthesis gets stuck on an obstacle during the limb transfer phase, the knee detects this adverse event and immediately increases the resistance to prevent knee dislocation.


The support change function allows patients to descend stairs and slopes step by step.

If your patient is already experienced with this function, they will easily adapt to the pliability of the 4-legged design. Additionally, ALLUX 2 allows people to walk with a natural knee bend to reduce the impact when they first make contact with the ground

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Low profile for long limbs

When the patient is seated, the 4-link design folds under the patient to create a more natural sitting position.


Largest bending angle of a microprocessor knee

ALLUX 2 offers a knee flexion angle of 180 degrees - more than any other commercially available microprocessor knee.

This increased range of motion is great for activities such as cycling, kneeling, or changing shoes


Safety lock function

When the knee is bent, loaded and stationary for a preset period of time (3/4 to 3 seconds), the bending is automatically locked until the knee is straightened. The safety lock function has been improved in ALLUX 2. It now covers vibration from the knee joint, which lets the user know that the safety lock is activated.


Select 5 different modes via smartphone

Using a Bluetooth-connected smartphone, users can easily and conveniently select up to five different pre-programmed modes to suit their current activity or environment for maximum versatility. From free swing, different locking positions to additional walking modes, users can easily change the function of the ALLUX 2 at the touch of a button on the remote control app.




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  •  ALLUX 2
  • Charging port cover NE-CC01
  • Power off cover NE-CC02
  • Battery charger NE-BC01
  • AC adapter NE-AD01
  • Backup battery NE-SB01
  • Backup battery case NE-SC01
  • Extension cable NE-CL02
  • Backup battery charging cable NE-CL01

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