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NE-Z4 ALLUX Microprocessor knee


In pursuit of the world’s safest knee

The world’s first 4-Bar Hydraulic microprocessor stance and swing phase controlled knee. Nabtesco, leaders in microprocessor knee technology, have once again driven innovation forward with new design. We are in pursuit of the world’s safest knee. The unique concept boasts a dual safety system based on inherent polycentric stability factors and microprocessor control. The ALLUX knee heightens safety and security while providing exceptional functionality of the user.


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The greater toe clearance that polycentric design has brings less probability against stumbling, however, in case of stumbling, the microprocessor immediately increases the hydraulic resistance to prevent the knee from sudden buckling. Because of the polycentric characteristics such as inherent stability and the ALLUX knee is also suitable for low active users as well as long trans-femoral amputees/knee disarticulation. Remote controller enables the user to choose a mode from 5 different modes, e.g. flexion angle limit, as she/he needs, and this would allow the user to participate to various activities.

Product specifications

Microprocessor controlled swing and stance, hydraulic control.
Lithium ion battery, incorporated Supplemental add-on battery (for emergency)
Name : ALLUX
Weight limit : 100kg (limited release model)
Knee weight : 1450g
Height : 294mm
Build Height : 267mm
Max. flexion : 155deg
Water resistance : IPX2 (resistant to water spray and rain)
Battery life : approx. 2 days
Application range : Low to high activities (K2-4, MOB2-4)

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