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26 April 2016

Today, a seminar was finalised in Odessa, dedicated to the latest technologies in the area of prosthetics. The seminar was co-organised by company Nertus and the non-governmental organisation of handicapped people in Odessa region “Nertus”. Within the framework of the event, knee joints developed by the Japanese company Nabtesco were presented. The activities of Nabtesco are directed at movement management technologies; Nabtesco is a recognised leader in the are of product development related to different industries: from railways, aviation, ships, vehicles and other transportation systems to robotics and automatic doors. Nowadays, Nabtesco has been using its long-term experience to develop prosthetic components and other goods allowing people’s mobility in any circumstances. To conduct the seminar, Nabtesco certified prosthetic technician Mr. Akio Sakata was invited to Odessa and presented the knee joints with hydraulic, pneumatic and electronic regulation, as well as provided a training in technical maintenance and adjustment of these knee joints.
The second part of a two-day seminar was dedicated to the leading Nabtesco company development – ALLUX microprocessor knee joint. This is a unique knee joint with a capacity of individual adjustment to the speed of the patient’s gait and reproduction of its natural format. Akio Sakata, assisted by an invited patient from Odessa, has demonstrated in practice to Ukrainian prosthetic technicians how the knee joint is mounted and adjusted, having presented all advantages of ALLUX knee joint. Already in the source of a knee joint set-up, the patient was able not only to walk, but also to descent on the staircase.
The main objective of the conducted seminar was to improve skills of specialists in the area of prosthetics in our country. 
Nertus is regularly conducting such events for the implementation of innovative technologies and improvement of the prosthetics level in Ukraine.

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