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NK6+L Symphony Knee with Lock

Code: NK6+L
NK6+L Symphony Knee
NK6+L Symphony Knee

This new knee joint has a stance-flexion feature that, while allowing a slight amount of flexion, instantly locks to prevent sudden buckling of the knee, it also has a hydraulic system that eases the initiating swing. This knee is named Symphony. The knee joint seamlessly orchestrates theharmonizes stability of the stance phase and smoothness of the swing phase.


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    Selective lock mechanism
    At any time, the user can switch between free knee and locked knee modes. If the user feels unsafe with the knee being free, for example on settled snow, in high winds, or on uneven ground, to prevent buckling, the knee can be locked.
    At other times, such as when standing on a ladder working or when making a golf swing, locking the knee is also convenient.

    Hydraulic cylinder system
    Conventional hydraulic cylinders make the initial swing heavy, and tiredness soon results. Using special technology, with an initial swing that feels as light as with a pneumatic cylinder, it is now possible to walk easily using hydraulics.
    The knee joint has been made still more compact by enabling control of high output even from a small-capacity hydraulic cylinder.

    Extension assist spring
    While standing, one cause of knee buckling with polycentric knee joints is incomplete extension.
    Because the extension assist spring maintains knee extension, even users with low-mobility can walk safely.

    Max.flexion 170°
    Weight limit 125 kg

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